Moments In Time Photography By Tom Lazar
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Tom Lazar pictured in room

All fine art pieces are numbered in limited editions limited to 500 total prints per image for all sizes and paper types. This increase the uniqueness and value of each piece. Tom personally produces and signs each print.

We offer three types of fine art prints:

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The easiest method is for you to browse through our online galleries and decide which image or images you wish to purchase. Then simply call us at: (262) 352-6990.

Before you call, you will need:

  • Title of the Print
  • Size
  • Print Type
  • Framing Style (If Desired)

We will answer any questions you have, review your order, get payment information, and shipping details. With our personalized service we can make sure you get exactly the image and framing style you want so you can enjoy it for years