Moments In Time Photography By Tom Lazar

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The Production Process - All fine art pieces are numbered in limited editions limited to 500 total prints per image for all sizes and paper types. This increase the uniqueness and value of each piece. Tom personally produces and signs each print. By controlling all aspects of the creative process from the time the shutter is clicked to when it is ready to display he ensures each image accurately reflects his vision of the original moment he witnessed.

All prints are produced using a digital process using archival pigments and papers that, unlike traditional photographic prints which last a decade or two, will last for generations (75 years plus). Tom uses little to no manipulation when creating the final print, believing great images are created by careful composition, creativity, and visualization at the original moment and location, not later in a computer. Like painters use brush and canvas to express themselves, he uses the light, lines, patterns, textures, and shapes found in nature to express his vision and love off the outdoors and our natural world.


Print Types - We offer three types of fine art prints: traditional photo prints with satin finish, hand torn prints on a textured paper similar to watercolor papers, and gallery wrapped canvas prints.

Traditional Textured Art Paper Museum WrappedMuseum WrappedCanvas Framed
Photographic Prints
Textured Fine Art Paper Prints
with Hand Torn Edges
Museum Wrapped
Canvas Prints


Print Sizes - Each image is composed and photographed to fit one of three proportions (height & width), standard, panoramic, and ultra panoramic. Information on specific size dimensions available is detailed on the individual print type pages.

Mattes and frames styles are chosen to enhance the image, create a complete art piece, and compliment a large variety of decors. We are more than happy to help you determine best framing for your needs when you place your order. Custom mattes and framing is also available. To ensure you receive exactly the matte and framed print you want and to better serve you, we recommend you contact us at (262) 352-6990 for custom orders. We carry a limited number of matte style and frames but can order a wide variety from several distributors. You can also purchase just a print and then have it custom framed yourself. Consult our Framing Options page for more information on frame choices.

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