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Mt. Ranier
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Mount Rainier is one of the most spectacular volcanic peaks in all the Cascade Range. On the southern side of the Mountain you will find the area of Paradise with it's mountain views, world-famous wildflower meadows, trails, visitor center, Inn and lots of people. My favorite view of Rainier is Chinook Pass, just opposite paradise on the Eastern slope. The raised elevation as well as several lakes and meadows found here provide many outstanding vistas. You will usually find a few people in the area at sunrise, but the morning this image was taken I had it all to myself. The morning fog and softly lit clouds over the peak provided one of the prettiest Moments I have witnessed here. It appeared to me that Paradise was totally fogged in the morning I captured this image. Anyone there would not be able to see the mountain. Only I, on the other side of Paradise was witness to this spectacle.


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