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Tom LazarOver the past decade, there has been a lot of change in the tools we use to create photographs. Digital has taken over.

Regardless, one thing remains constant. The “Art” of photography is about searching for and finding interesting and compelling subjects and then recording and sharing these “Moments in Time” in a unique and creative style. I find my pallet in nature. In its complexity I find simplicity and try and convey that with my photography. The moments I witness and record inspire me. And I hope the images I create inspire you. I personally control all aspects of the creative process for each of my prints. All are made using high quality archival materials and are signed and numbered. The tools may have changed, but the Art remains within the artist.

Here are my next two shows of 2023!


Rock Art

Southern Utah has one of the largest concentrations of National Parks, Monuments, State Parks, and other natural areas in the United States.

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