Vertical or Horizontal

How to evaluate a subject and determine whether to shoot it vertically or horizontally.

Rock Art

Southern Utah has one of the largest concentrations of National Parks, Monuments, State Parks, and other natural areas in the United States.

Looking Beyond the Stars in Night Photography

My last post dealt with an introduction to Night Photography. This one will deal more with my artistic approach and creative vision.

Valley of Fire!

The desert south west is a large area including parts of seven states and one of the largest concentrations of National Parks, Monuments, and a great variety of desert and geological features for the outdoor enthusiast. One could spend a lifetime exploring this region and still miss many amazing locations. But, just an hour from… Continue reading Valley of Fire!

The Basics of Night Photography

Advancement in camera technology has opened new opportunities for photography formerly reserved for NASA. The latest high resolution cameras allow for quality images even when shooting long exposures at high ISO settings which are necessary for Astro-photography. Constantly improving digital post processing applications further improve image quality and allow for new creative opportunities. Night sky… Continue reading The Basics of Night Photography